Emirates ID - Residence Permit in the United Arab Emirates

Price:from 4000 USD
Processing time:from 10 days

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Reasons to get Emirates ID

  • Residence in the UAE year-round Emirates ID allows you to reside in the United Arab Emirates for up to 3 years, with the option of renewal after this period.
  • Legalization of residence With a UAE residence permit (Emirates ID), you can legally reside in the UAE, providing the right to educate your children, access medical services, and open bank accounts.
  • Employment in the Emirates Having resident status enables a foreigner to be officially employed in the UAE, enjoying equal rights with citizens. Emirates ID offers access to more high-paying jobs compared to a work visa.
  • Successful business development The UAE offers a 0% tax on business profits. By registering or relocating your business to the Emirates, you can reduce the tax burden, optimize costs, and enter the global market with reduced risks.

Emirates ID processing options with help of iWorld

Golden Visa

Price: from 4000 USD

Processing time: up to 3 weeks

Freelance Visa

Price: from 3000 EUR

Processing time: 1 month

Partnership in a company

Price: from 4000 USD

Processing time: from 10 days

UAE residency privileges

  • Legalized residency in the Emirates
  • Simplified business registration procedure
  • Reliable protection of financial and tax information
  • Accelerated process for opening a company on the mainland or in a free zone
  • Developed business environment for expanding partner networks
  • Facilitated issuance of Schengen and US visas
  • No control over international money transfers
  • ВEmirates ID for family members
  • 0% income tax rate for individuals
  • High-quality medical services
  • Access to a range of social benefits
  • Multicultural community
  • Eligibility for low-cost loans from local banks
  • Quality education for children in public schools and universities
  • Issuance of local driving licenses
  • Ability to extend residency status remotely

Enjoy all the benefits of UAE residency

  • 0 % tax on personal income
  • 0 % tax on business profits

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Advantages of living in the United Arab Emirates

  • Economically developed country Enjoy life in a country with a strong, diversified economy that actively encourages entrepreneurship.
  • High level of salaries Benefit from salaries averaging around USD 4,500 per month, placing the UAE among the top 10 countries globally for high salaries.
  • Advanced medicine Access both public and private clinics equipped with cutting-edge medical technology.
  • High level of safety Feel secure in a country ranked 2nd in the world for safety by Numbeo.
  • Affordable goods and services Experience a balanced cost of living where the cost of goods and services aligns well with salary levels.
  • Advanced transportation infrastructure Take advantage of a highly developed transportation system, backed by foreign investment, making the UAE a global logistics hub.
  • Premium vacations Enjoy a wide range of premium resorts and diverse vacation options available throughout the country.

Immigrate to the UAE with an affordable program

Price:from 4000 USD
Processing time:from 10 days

Leave an application and get a consultation with an immigration specialist

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