Emirates ID

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UAE residency status allows you to open accounts in UAE banks, work and do business on equal terms with UAE nationals, reside for extended periods, rent a house long-term, and use local mobile communications.

Emirates ID in the UAE is issued for 2 years and can be renewed thereafter.

Yes. Since 2011, UAE authorities require children under the age of 18 (including newborns) to obtain residency status.

Golden Visa based on real estate investment

Investors can buy property in Free Economic Zones, where foreigners are allowed to own residential and commercial property.

A Golden Visa can be obtained by investors over the age of 18 who have legal income, no criminal record, and no dangerous infectious diseases. Their spouses, unmarried sons under the age of 25, and unmarried daughters of any age can be included in the application.

Yes, if the investor resides in the country for 30 years, they can apply for citizenship through naturalization. In some cases, it is possible to obtain UAE citizenship for exceptional merits.

Yes, you can take a mortgage loan to buy property to qualify for the visa. Previously, you had to deposit 50% of the value, but now it is sufficient to provide an NOC from the bank stating payment of any amount.

Freelance Visa

A Freelance Visa is a type of residence permit in the UAE. This document grants the right to live and work in the country and to formalize the temporary residency status of family members.

Yes, you can work as a freelancer in many free economic zones in the UAE. To work as a self-employed professional, you must obtain a special license. Your employing company must be registered in one of the free economic zones.

This document allows you to work legally as a self-employed professional in the UAE. You will need a license to carry out a specific type of activity.

To start an independent business in Dubai, choose a suitable free zone, decide on your field of activity, prepare the necessary documents, pay the fee, and obtain a license.

Foreigners who have obtained resident status in Dubai and other emirates are exempt from paying income tax. A resident pays 5% VAT only if their annual income in the UAE exceeds AED 375,000 (USD 102,097).

First, obtain a freelance license in Dubai. Then you can apply for the visa.

Yes, a Freelance Visa allows you to sponsor your family members (spouse and children) living with you.

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