Get an Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE)

from 6600 USD
  • By registering a company
  • In just 1 month
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  • Full legal support

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The opportunities you get with an Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE):

Opening bank accounts

Residence permit for 3 years at once with the right of extension

Opening Schengen visa and US visa in a simplified procedure

Living in a country with a rapidly developing economy

Registration of the residence permit for family members

Doing business on the same terms as UAE citizens

Benefits of getting an Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE)

  • Tax exemption
  • Absence of currency control and restrictions on withdrawal of capital abroad
  • Confidentiality of residents' tax information
  • A global business hub, a multifunctional space for unlimited investment
  • Growing economy with annual GDP growth by 2-3% and low inflation rate
  • Tropical climate, combination of oriental culture and modern architecture

The lawyers at iWorld will provide comprehensive support at:

  • Obtaining Emirates ID (residence permit)
  • Selecting a place of incorporation (Mainland or Freezone)
  • Starting a company
  • Licensing

Leave an application and get a consultation with an immigration specialist

5 steps to apply for Emirates ID (residence permit in UAE)


Contacting a company

An iWorld immigration specialist will explain in detail about the UAE business immigration program.


Company registration

An iWorld specialist will help you with company registration in the UAE.


Document preparation and filing

The company's lawyers will collect the documents and submit your residency application documents to the UAE Immigration Department.


Arrival in the UAE

iWorld specialists will organize your trip to the UAE. Upon arrival, you will be required to undergo a medical examination, obtain insurance and submit biometric data.


Obtaining an Emirates ID

In 1 week after passing the medical examination and biometric data you will receive your UAE residence permit and Emirates ID card.

After that, you will be able to feel as comfortable as possible in the country: apply for government services, activate a local number, open a bank account, register a vehicle, etc.

You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you

iWorld law firm uses popular payment methods, including cryptocurrencies

  • visa mastercard

    Visa and Mastercard bank cards

  • bank

    Bank transfer to the company's account

  • payoneer stripe

    Payoneer or Stripe payment systems

  • bitcoin

    Any cryptocurrency, preserving confidentiality

Apply for an Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE) to reduce the tax burden on your business

  • 0–9% corporate tax
  • 0% dividend tax
  • 0% income tax
  • 0% capital gains tax

Leave an application and get a consultation with an immigration specialist

Requirements for the applicant

  • 18 years of old or over
  • No criminal record
  • Sufficient funds for living in the UAE

People choose iWorld as a guarantee of:

Guaranteed resultThe iWorld company signs a formal contract with each client, specifying its subject and stages of fulfillment, as well as the terms of service provision. The document guarantees timely fulfillment of obligations by the company in full.

Best value for moneyiWorld provides qualified legal services. The company's pricing policy is reasonable and allows to choose an immigration program to suit any budget.

Full confidentialityThe iWorld company reliably protects personal data of its clients, guaranteeing them complete anonymity.

Legal support during the whole procedureThe company's representatives accompany the client at all stages of processing the residence permit in the UAE, providing detailed advice and monitoring the status of the application.

Government programs onlyThe iWorld team provides legal services in applying for UAE residency only lawfully, according to the government immigration procedure.

iWorld leading expert on immigration to the UAE

iworld photo

My name is Andris Kaushelis, I’m the head of iWorld office in the UAE.

In 2023, we successfully realized more than 100 cases on the residency program in the UAE.

The team I work in includes:

  • Over 20 certified lawyers
  • More than 6 years of experience in international corporate law
  • Professionalism and responsibility

iWorld – the solution is here for you!

Keep in touch:

+971 (55) 13 91 081

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FAQs about applying for Emirates ID (residence permit in the UAE) through business

This block contains answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure of obtaining residency status in the UAE.

UAE resident status allows you to:

  • open current accounts in banks;
  • work and do business on equal terms with citizens;
  • permanently reside on the territory of the state;
  • rent housing;
  • use local cellular communication.

Emirates ID in the UAE is granted for 3 years with the right of further extension.

To maintain the UAE resident status, a foreign citizen must visit the country at least once every six months. If a foreigner with an Emirates ID leaves the UAE for more than 6 months, they lose their residency status.

Residents and citizens of the UAE until June 1, 2023 were exempted from all types of taxes (0% rate was in effect for all types of fees). From June 1, 2023, companies with taxable income of more than 375 thousand AED are obliged to pay corporate tax at a rate of 9%. For startups and companies with turnover of less than 375 thousand AED, the tax rate remains at 0%.

Become a resident of the UAE

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